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Color Sketch (11 Second Club concept)

I don’t often get into color, and given how slowly my work progresses in these monthly challenges, I probably should leave it out entirely.

However, along with my strategy for designing the characters before I figure out a story for the month’s sound clip, today I felt like I should try to peg the atmosphere a bit. Here’s a color sketch that’s supposed to be…well maybe I’ll save the description and see how many of you can figure it out.

Here’s a non-hint: he’s neither vampire nor covered in blood. It just kinda turned out that way.

character designs

Trying to put faces/bods to voices for this month’s 11 Second Club competition. I’m starting with the characters, and then I’ll figure out the story. I still don’t have a workflow ironed out for this kind of work. I should probably look up Aardman’s “overheard” series, or whatever those were called, like the police station and the magazine editor’s office.

Figure drawing on a tablet PC

These were drawn in MyPaint a free paint application for Linux, on a Lenovo X230 tablet running Ubuntu. The whole experience was pretty fun. I picked up the machine from UPS on my way to work this morning, and went to the figure drawing session on my way home. I hadn’t installed any paint applications yet, so I downloaded MyPaint over wi-fi at the studio and started drawing. I spent about half of the shorter poses figuring out a system to change brushes & save my work without leaving tablet mode.

In the end, I’m pretty happy with it as a drawing tool, and this is without much customization or any paid software.

Gestures, by necessity

Figure drawing right after work: my head and hands were all about programming. I thought I’d try drawing exclusively with my left hand, since it seems to break me out of the abstract, know-it-all mode. It felt right–pun not intended. As for the drawings…

Figure drawing with water soluble graphite

I hadn’t planned to go to this figure drawing session after work, so I on my way there I stopped by the Blue Rooster in Los Feliz. I saw these on the counter and wanted to try sketching with them.

It was interesting, and I’ll definitely use it again, maybe with a larger brush, though. I started by loading the brush directly from the stick, but found I could get more consitently dark wash if I rubbed the graphite on paper first, and used it as a palette.