No more promises

I’m looking through my old posts and enjoying them, regardless of their “quality.” It motivates me to post regularly again, especially since, despite its intended looseness, this journal is my most focused and full collection of work.

Right now I’m going through my backups and taking stock of my personal Flash and programming projects, making plans for an update to my site. I have several Flash “toys” that I’ll make available somewhere, and maybe build a few more. I’d forgotten how much fun they are to make.

I’m fortunate to meet passionate and generous people, who put my hopes so close-at-hand.

Here’s a logo for my dreamy-time:
dream logo

Sketches on the Metrolink train to Azusa. Sat across from a talkative trucker who would glare distrustfully at any sudden noise.
I Love My Family
I Love My Family (detail)

And a few drawings from Saturday’s Sketchcrawl:
On the Way to the Crawl 2011-10
Descanso WaterfallCrawling Roundtable