From my ear to Beethoven’s brain

Here is little thought trail I hiked to warm up my brain for a day of coding.

From my ear to Beethoven’s brain, with some assumptions and generalizations:

  1. I hear music!
  2. I perceive time in my brain
  3. impulses from my ear are perceived as sound over time
  4. speaker drivers pressurize and depressurize air near my ear
  5. electrical impulses are sent from my iPod to the speakers
  6. the iPod decodes a compressed binary file into degrees of pressure over time
  7. computer copies encoded file to ipod
  8. computer encodes compressed file from uncompressed CD data
  9. CD is pressed with record audio data
  10. record is digitized at a resolution that will fit on a CD
  11. record is edited and filtered to remove noise and balance volume
  12. electrical impulses are recorded over time
  13. microphone translates air pressure over time to electrical impulses
  14. instruments alter the pressure of the air over time
  15. orchestra plays instruments!
  16. orchestra reads and interprets notes on the page
  17. orchestra practices playing music…many, many times
  18. music notes are duplicated on paper
  19. Beethoven writes notes on paper
  20. Beethoven codifies this music into notes
  21. Beethoven imagines music!

Every one of those actions has infinite tangents within it. How does electricity travel along a wire? What ink did Beethoven use? How did the quality of light reflecting off the page affect Beethoven’s thought of the music. And the same for the orchestra, and for everyone else.

I suppose a thought is never finished, but left alone for the moment. Now, back into time and work.