Bridgman’s: good stuff


Copied from Bridgman’s Guide to Drawing from Life. The examples range from naturalistic to actually mechanical, with wheels and levers, to express human anatomy. The focus on the back is relatively brief, which I guess is technically fair, though I’d hoped for more. I’ll find more, though (“These drawings are from Internet, Mother.”)

maybe not so cozy


Starting another series, I’m reconsidering the focus for this set of daily drawings. It’s good for me to draw with or without a purpose, though having a subject ready can help when I have no ideas. So for now, I’m going to go with anatomy studies: specifically back and neck, because I feel like that’s something I focus on, without know hardly anything about.

2-29 thru 30


During lunch at work yesterday. I started with the salamander, then riffed on the head-shield thing a bit.


On train home again. I tried that same pose from two days ago, this time with a dog. It’s almost exactly the same, except the first one was better: looser, cleaner, sharper. This one’s muddy. I didn’t reference the last one, just remembered what I wanted to do with the legs afterward, since the legs on the cat didn’t seem to point enough to the side.


Continuing yesterday’s cat theme:

I like this one more and more. I think I’ll try again in greater detail. And the color on the cat’s torso isn’t finished. This is why I love the train.

Here’s an über rough animation on the idea:

P.S. I’ll post 2-24 thru 26 later. I got my scanner back online, and I scanned the drawings, but I’ve gotten so used to posting from the phone that I forget while I’m at the computter.

2-24 thru 26

The 24th and 25th daily drawings fell on Saturday and Sunday, and I busied myself installing and building stuff for my home theater (LOTS of fun planning that out). Anyway, I really skimped on the drawing. I did draw, however, and here they are…