recent times, and times to come

I haven’t spent any time in my personal cyber space lately. Pretty much since I’ve been employed full-time again. I haven’t minded especially.

However, I’ve just finished cleaning out piles of code placed on my server by some jerk (polite enough, in some cases, to put is infernal garbage in wide margins, labeled with his alias).

Cleaning out all that junk has put me face to face with some aborted or stalled projects, such as this one. And as with any spring cleaning, on or off season, the result is a little fatigue and a bunch of hope.

So here’s a list for the near future of

  1. add support for videos on the main site
  2. improve my little CMS so that I begin posting things regularly. Currently it can only set the title, description, date, and tags. Content and links need to be done manually on the server. What a drag!
  3. post work! I have some projects that can go up right away, but I’ve been holding back for some of these other things to be more usable.

Here we go! As a little bonus, and to set the mood, here’s a recent sketch inspired by a song from the Ghiblies “series”: