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Yesterday’s drawing. This one was didn’t have the focus these drawings have been demanding so far. Just a guy in the subway station on the way home from work. I just realized the number, too. I could have done something so much cooler for 007! I’ll keep that in mind for the true 7th daily drawing, which will come who-knows-when.

I got the iPhone on Saturday and spent a goodly chunk of Sunday finding out all the things I can use it for. This was drawn in pen on paper, photographed into Brushes on the phone, where I added a bit of color. I was looking for a way to multiply layers to let the lines show through the pigment, but it looks like this paint app doesn’t support that.

I really should have drawn something else when I got home yesterday, and I’ve been down about it today. So I’m setting to today’s drawing now.


I think I’ll lay off the full color for a while, until I really have time to practice it. This drawing might have looked a lot better if I’d done it black and white, though the idea relies on some reflected light, so some shading was necessary. Anyway, not too happy with it, but it was an exercise, yeah?


I went drawing with a friend at the zoo yesterday. I’d planned to be there only two hours, but I ended up staying almost four before I considered leaving. By the end, I was pretty pooped, though: by the time we saw the lemurs, I was pretty much done. I had only the energy to think “that one looks like Rowan Atkinson…they all look like Rowan Atkinson.” When my print ink arrives, I may copy those line drawings onto watercolor paper. Or maybe I’ll try my hand coloring in Photoshop or the like.


Here’s yesterday’s drawing. I realized how much I take my “studio” for granted. It’s never gotten much steady use before, but I missed it last night. I started this at the the office after work and finished it in my parents’ dining room. Each pleasant places in different ways, but it was definitely more difficult to challenge myself with the drawing since It felt like I was doing it between other things, instead of in it’s own time.
(P.S. Snapped the picture and posted this from my new iPhone!)

Daily Challenge 003

I finally went to The Drawing Club tonight. The theme was Hard Boiled. I want to start going regularly, and there’s another figure drawing session Mondays and Wednesdays I may start going to again. Between the two, I think I’m pretty much set for live models.

P.S. I’ll scan these in later. Right now my scanner’s out of ink T_T

Daily Challenge 002

Daily Challenge 002

Second day doing the daily challenge drawings. Yesterday was just getting the ball rolling. Today I feel like I learned something. Next time I’ll look at it scaled down or from a distance. The value here gets muddied, and you can’t even tell it’s a dog, let alone a manic dog.