Daily Challenge 2-01

Here it’s Wednesday, and I haven’t drawn since Friday. I’d considered catching up, but that’s not really the point of the daily drawings. At first it was two-fold: consistency and commitment (ie. finishing a drawing now and then). The challenge I’d been denying myself is sticking with one drawing beyond a sketch. Well apparently consistency itself is a challenge for now. So I’m starting again.

This time I’ll post whatever I’m drawing every day, and they may be doodles, but I hope that by removing the pressure to make something good, I’ll continue to make something. I’ll also try to make time to draw at home regularly. I just won’t limit myself to that.

To start the second series, here’s a quick drawing I made on the subway of a man I saw just outside the station, and another thing:


Later tonight I watched Empire of the Sun, which I’ve been meaning to see about my whole life. Thanks Netflix. Here’s what came out after:

It’s Hammer Time, er, war and famine time! Really should have put this on watercolor paper, but I’d set out only to sketch a pose with those pants. Also, I was just going to paint a sun, but the texture of the brush was more fun this way, and I’m sure the plethora of explosions in the film had a part in the decision.

I highly recommend the film, by the way. Some of the shots really stir the imagination, and it has me thinking along a Lord of the Flies vein, imagining the world from another dimension, practically. Crazy that it’s one world.

One thought on “Daily Challenge 2-01”

  1. KP, very nice, alive illustrations – I haven’t visited this site for a long time; sometimes it feels as though I am peeking where I shouldn’t – but I want to know what is happening with you and if you are happy, enjoying yourself, working, drawing, hiking, growing – not in height any more, I hope, for the hugs are becoming torturous for you, I am afraid. Not for me!

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