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Continuing yesterday’s cat theme:

I like this one more and more. I think I’ll try again in greater detail. And the color on the cat’s torso isn’t finished. This is why I love the train.

Here’s an über rough animation on the idea:

P.S. I’ll post 2-24 thru 26 later. I got my scanner back online, and I scanned the drawings, but I’ve gotten so used to posting from the phone that I forget while I’m at the computter.

2-24 thru 26

The 24th and 25th daily drawings fell on Saturday and Sunday, and I busied myself installing and building stuff for my home theater (LOTS of fun planning that out). Anyway, I really skimped on the drawing. I did draw, however, and here they are…





20110415-004153.jpgToday I planned and got materials for a box to hold my projector and PS3, in such a package that can be very easily moved around. I’m in mad scientist mode, thinking of all the ways I can to at once simplify the design and make the product more versatile.



This was fun. I just got a projector and I had it hooked up to my computer, since I didn’t have anything else that could take advantage of its resolution (yet). So I drew this projected on a 100-inch image projected on a sheet.


Yesterday I made a train trip out to San Bernardino, and struggled as ever to think of something to draw. I imagine it will be easier in any other setting but the ordinary, but it’s equally hard anywhere—well, anywhere else ordinary anyhow.