20110415-004153.jpgToday I planned and got materials for a box to hold my projector and PS3, in such a package that can be very easily moved around. I’m in mad scientist mode, thinking of all the ways I can to at once simplify the design and make the product more versatile.



This was fun. I just got a projector and I had it hooked up to my computer, since I didn’t have anything else that could take advantage of its resolution (yet). So I drew this projected on a 100-inch image projected on a sheet.


Yesterday I made a train trip out to San Bernardino, and struggled as ever to think of something to draw. I imagine it will be easier in any other setting but the ordinary, but it’s equally hard anywhere—well, anywhere else ordinary anyhow.



Today’s challenge: a French town square.


I was thinking of what to draw when the town square came to mind, because I was speaking what little French I know to myself as a bit of a game. I dismissed it right away, then failing to come up with anything else I wanted to try, revisited it. I thought, I’ll only draw a bunch of box buildings and some cafe tables. It’ll be boring and useless. Well, I thought again, I have a phone that can lookup pictures of anything. So I’m on the train with some lovely reference photos. Let’s see what comes of it.

Here’s the sketch from the train.


Here’s the photo I used as reference.

Final image at the top of the post. I took a picture after color and before laying some detailed lines down, but I accidentally deleted it while clearing out other bad snaps.