I only drew one tiny thing on Wednesday. I had an idea to draw a really laid back guy in flip-flops and an open tee. I just doodled his legs and went back to playing Riven.


Thursday I’d left for work when I realized I hadn’t brought my pad or pens/pencils for the Drawing Club. I didn’t have time to go back, so I grabbed a clipboard and some printer paper from work, and used my trusty Bic Cristal pen. I’m glad I went, as always, though I think I need to switch up my media, maybe go back onto charcoal, or get back in my anatomy books. I had a tough time expressing any character. The model was great! Very evocative of the One Million B.C. theme.





Today on the train home I started a little animation in Animation Creator for the iPhone. I really recommend it. The tools are fast and you can upload directly to YouTube at whatever frame rate you like. Here it is after I added some frames just now to get the little guy out of frame:

I thought of it as a dreamy, floaty run when I was animating it, and it feels that way at 12fps. At 24fps the timing seems more natural, though the fluidity of movement isn’t there in the middle:


Beyond last minute, this one is for yesterday. This is Gil-Scott Heron appearing on the 7th episode of SNL, hosted by Richard Pryor. For some reason it was really hard to draw today. I had to do other things before I was free for it, and then I just wanted to go to sleep.

008th Daily – ArtRage & Patrick O’Hearn

I grew up being creeped out by Patrick O’Hearn’s music. The Ringmaster’s Dream kept me from mine when my folks would play it after I’d gone to bed. I loved that music, but it always unsettled me.

Well, this drawing has very little to do with that feeling. One of his tracks, Adagio from Fantasy for a Gentleman, came on the “radio” when I sat down to draw, and it gave me a feeling that got the drawing started. The atmosphere of the music also begged some color, so I bumped it into ArtRage, which I haven’t opened for quite a long time, since I have no idea how to paint with oils or acrylics.


Yesterday’s drawing. This one was didn’t have the focus these drawings have been demanding so far. Just a guy in the subway station on the way home from work. I just realized the number, too. I could have done something so much cooler for 007! I’ll keep that in mind for the true 7th daily drawing, which will come who-knows-when.

I got the iPhone on Saturday and spent a goodly chunk of Sunday finding out all the things I can use it for. This was drawn in pen on paper, photographed into Brushes on the phone, where I added a bit of color. I was looking for a way to multiply layers to let the lines show through the pigment, but it looks like this paint app doesn’t support that.

I really should have drawn something else when I got home yesterday, and I’ve been down about it today. So I’m setting to today’s drawing now.